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EDU MY WAY App V.2 is an application that customizes the learner’s educational experience through expert level consultancies and one-on-one customized accredited tutoring.

EDU MY WAY App helps in depicting the continuous academic & professional needs of learners by offering tailored, customized academic as well as professional solutions.

All learners will be continuously abreast with the updates in the field of Academia and Professionalism.

All Users will be evaluated and monitored by our Education Specialists who are committed to providing you with an outstanding successful Learning Journey!


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One - On - One Tutoring

EDU MY WAY offers 1:1 customized Education in all fields: Schools, Universities, Professional Corporates, International Tests.

Free Advising Sessions

All App users are eligible to book free advising sessions with Our Education Specialists Advisors for Academic/ Professional Consultancies

Live Chatting with Your Tutor

EDY MY WAY offers a real time- live chat with Tutors and Education Specialists to facilitate and ensure an enjoyable fruitful Learning Journey

Monitored Evaluations

Accountability and Credibility are our Values.
All App Users will have their tutoring sessions evaluated by both: Themselves and Respective Tutors to ensure a credible Learning Journey.

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Why choose us

Customized Education

EDU MY WAY App depicts the continuous academic & professional needs of learners and provides them with tailored, customized academic as well as professional solutions.

Monitored Learning Experiences

EDU MY WAY App uses Ethical Humane Monitoring of Learning Development of the Tech App through integrating Free Advising Sessions, Live Chats & Monitored Assignments and Evaluations.

Professional Tutoring Opportunities

EDY MY WAY App offers professional employment opportunities through direct tutoring recruitment.
If you’re a talented, committed and passionate educator/tutor, Apply Now!

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App Journey


I had a mindset to learn more about communication and enhance my communication and public speaking skills. I’m proud to say that I have successfully accomplished that with the help of Dr. Rita through EDU MY WAY App.

Leen, I

Before registering for this semester, I was so overwhelmed by the COM203 course, I was so scared about the idea of addressing a speech in front of a class.Turns out that this course is one of my favorites by the help of EDU MY WAY!

Sandra, O

I’m a school student who hates math! I took three sessions of math in Edumyway, and aced my exam.

Jean, P

After a month and a half, I became more skilled in the art of communication. I am now more able to face and make use of my three main communication keys (verbal, par verbal, and nonverbal)!

Jane, K

I was able to get a score of 1,275 in SAT after I registered for 5 sessions in Edumyway.

Maria, Q

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Our 3 A's


By “Giving back to our Community”,Our Prices are competitive to enable all learners access to learn, benefit and succeed.


Credibility is our middle name to ensure the Monitored Quality of Education in the Learning Journey.


Success is our Ultimate AIM. Our One and Only Goal is to lead learners along their Learning Journey.

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EDU My Way App helps you achieve successful results through customized tutoring experience based on YOUR Academic/ Professional needs.

Our Road-Map: 3-step processes:

  1. Pick a Subject or Course you need help with
  2. Book an Advising Session with our Experts
  3. Set your Schedule and attend your Sessions!

EDU MY WAY App Offers 4 Categories:

  1. School (Lebanese, French & IB Curriculums)
  2. University (All Universities)
  3. Self-Development (Professional Corporate Courses)
  4. International Test ( GMAT- GRE- SAT- TOEFL- IELTS- MCAT-...)
Once you register to EDU MY WAY App, you will be eligible to book a FREE Advising Session with our Education Specialists Advisors (ESA) for Academic/Professional Consultancies. All you have to do is to locate the Advising Button, set your preferred availability and meet with your ESA.
  • Once you build your EDU MY WAY App Account. You Register as a Tutor.
  • Select your category(ies) of Teaching interests.
  • Select your Courses to teach within each Category.
  • Book an Appoint with the Education Specialist Recruiter (ESR).
  • Attend the Interview, Get Recruited!
  • Start Tutoring!
We are happy to announce that EDU MY WAY App is an International App, thus you can book your tutoring session from all over the globe !

EDU MY WAY App offers different forms of payments:

  1. CASH in USD
  2. International Money Transfers (OMT-WU-BOB…)
  3. International Bank Transfer

Any Other question? You can Contact Us.